Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Back On Track..

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been trying to figure some stuff out!! I have decided not to compete until the spring. I don't feel like I'd be ready in time for Vegas and this semester is going to be a tough one! I really have to focus on school and get a job!! AHH. I have to find a personal training job so I can afford to compete!

Spring of 2010 is definitely going to be my time to shine! I am looking at doing a couple FAP shows including Fitness Universe in June as well as an NPC show. I will be doing fitness and bikini in FAP and bikini for NPC. I really think I'll be great in the spring. I have a lot of time to prep and really change my lifestyle, not just diet and change but make it a lifestyle change.

This weekend is Camp Savage Chicago and I'm really excited! However, I am a little intimidated!! I'm going by myself and know some girls who are going but have never met them in person! I know that it will be a great time and everyone will be welcoming because thats how Savage girls are!! I'm soooo excited! I know that this will change my life.

I really need to get back on track!!! My diet has been bad and my workouts haven't been consistent. I have to get off my butt and do this!! I just haven't been feeling that great but I know working out and eating right will make me feel better so why aren't I doing it??? Great question! Come September I'm going to start doing "fitness girl" workouts so I can compete in fitness. These will improve my strength and flexibility. Since my dance team season is over and I won't be trying out for this next season (I want to focus on fitness instead) I need to sign up for dance classes. I have to make sure that my technique stays around and I also want to improve on it!!!

Tomorow I will get back on track, I will be accountable.

That's all for now!!!

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  1. You got this girl!!! Think positive and keep reminding yourself of your goals and what u really want!!!! You will have a blast at Camp.. dont be nervous!!! : )