Friday, August 7, 2009


So I'm on vacation in Boston until Monday and it's a nice city out here!!! One thing I don't like however is the subway! Definitely not used to it!!! I've been trying to stick to my training and dieting while I'm out here but the diet hasn't been that great!! Gotta get back on track! Once I get home I'm gonna be 100% on the diet because my first show is in 15 weeks and I'm determined to look my best! Dieting isn't impossible while on vacation but it is definitely hard when you're not used to eating that way and then leave home; kind of throws you for a loop! Well I just finished my workout and well it kicked my butt!! I definitely can't wait until I'm in show shape!!! All that's on my mind is Vegas, I'm sooo excited!!! No matter what anyone says, which a lot of people around me are very negative when it comes to my goals, I'm going to stick with it this time and blow everyone away!!! Well that's all for today, I gotta get in the shower and go to bed to start a new day tomorrow!!!! ♥

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