Monday, August 10, 2009

New Week!!!

Mondays.. The dreaded day of the week!!!! Well my Monday has been really busy! I got home from Boston tonight and I'm exhausted!!!! We had to sit on the runway for an hour before we could take off because we needed to get re-routed; there were bad storms in Syracuse so we had to go north and fly over Canada!!! But we got home safely which all I wanted!!! Boston was a lot of fun! I got to experience the east coast for the first time and I enjoyed it! I sadly didn't get to go to the Savage Sunday Session and meet Cathy and everyone because we didn't rent a car, BUMMER!!! But camp is just around the corner!!!

Now that I'm back home it means BUSINESS!! No more excuses, none of this I'm on vacation so my diet can stray - I have to stay on track!!! Fitness America is in 14 weeks and I have to work my butt off!!! Tonight I got an email from Cathy for some training enhancements that I can add starting this week if I'm feeling productive, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be!!! No changes to the diet because well, I haven't really stuck to it since I was in Boston!!! I have to order my suit soon and decide on a theme for bikini sportswear! I have a few themes in my mind but I just have to decide and figure out which one is the best fit for me!! I'm sooo excited, I can't say it enough!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!! Now that I'm home I have to start walking around in my heels all day, every day!!! I have to master the strut!!!!

Ohhh and great news! I have a MASSAGE appointment tomorrow, I can't wait!!! My masseuse is amazing!!!! I'm definitely pumped for that!!!! It is definitely needed!!!

Well it's time for bed! I'm exhausted and have to get up bright and early to make sure I get on track and kick butt!!! Ready to wake up and get going!!

14 WEEKS - There's NO stopping me now!!! :)

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  1. Good for you girl! We all slip up from time to time, but keep your eye on the prize and give it your all! See you in VEGAS!