Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year, New Me

I'm back to blogging!!! Woohoo! So it's a new year and I'm determined to make a new me!! I have many goals for this year and I've decided to share some with you guys!!
2010 Goals:
1. Make lists. Write down what I need to do for the day, week, month.
2. Attend all of my classes.
3. Stop looking at eating clean as a diet, instead look at it as my lifestyle.
4. Try new foods. (especially fish)
5. Compete in my first show.
6. Look at the positive aspects of life rather than dwelling on the negatives.
7. Attend church more often.
8. Follow a sleep schedule. (stop sleeping in and going to bed late)
9. Blog more often!
Those are just some of my 2010 goals. And I already have a jump start on number 1! I am ready to take on 2010 and make it the best year yet!
*Only 18 more days until my birthday!! The big 20!!*
xoxo, Em

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Back On Track..

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been trying to figure some stuff out!! I have decided not to compete until the spring. I don't feel like I'd be ready in time for Vegas and this semester is going to be a tough one! I really have to focus on school and get a job!! AHH. I have to find a personal training job so I can afford to compete!

Spring of 2010 is definitely going to be my time to shine! I am looking at doing a couple FAP shows including Fitness Universe in June as well as an NPC show. I will be doing fitness and bikini in FAP and bikini for NPC. I really think I'll be great in the spring. I have a lot of time to prep and really change my lifestyle, not just diet and change but make it a lifestyle change.

This weekend is Camp Savage Chicago and I'm really excited! However, I am a little intimidated!! I'm going by myself and know some girls who are going but have never met them in person! I know that it will be a great time and everyone will be welcoming because thats how Savage girls are!! I'm soooo excited! I know that this will change my life.

I really need to get back on track!!! My diet has been bad and my workouts haven't been consistent. I have to get off my butt and do this!! I just haven't been feeling that great but I know working out and eating right will make me feel better so why aren't I doing it??? Great question! Come September I'm going to start doing "fitness girl" workouts so I can compete in fitness. These will improve my strength and flexibility. Since my dance team season is over and I won't be trying out for this next season (I want to focus on fitness instead) I need to sign up for dance classes. I have to make sure that my technique stays around and I also want to improve on it!!!

Tomorow I will get back on track, I will be accountable.

That's all for now!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Week!!!

Mondays.. The dreaded day of the week!!!! Well my Monday has been really busy! I got home from Boston tonight and I'm exhausted!!!! We had to sit on the runway for an hour before we could take off because we needed to get re-routed; there were bad storms in Syracuse so we had to go north and fly over Canada!!! But we got home safely which all I wanted!!! Boston was a lot of fun! I got to experience the east coast for the first time and I enjoyed it! I sadly didn't get to go to the Savage Sunday Session and meet Cathy and everyone because we didn't rent a car, BUMMER!!! But camp is just around the corner!!!

Now that I'm back home it means BUSINESS!! No more excuses, none of this I'm on vacation so my diet can stray - I have to stay on track!!! Fitness America is in 14 weeks and I have to work my butt off!!! Tonight I got an email from Cathy for some training enhancements that I can add starting this week if I'm feeling productive, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be!!! No changes to the diet because well, I haven't really stuck to it since I was in Boston!!! I have to order my suit soon and decide on a theme for bikini sportswear! I have a few themes in my mind but I just have to decide and figure out which one is the best fit for me!! I'm sooo excited, I can't say it enough!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!! Now that I'm home I have to start walking around in my heels all day, every day!!! I have to master the strut!!!!

Ohhh and great news! I have a MASSAGE appointment tomorrow, I can't wait!!! My masseuse is amazing!!!! I'm definitely pumped for that!!!! It is definitely needed!!!

Well it's time for bed! I'm exhausted and have to get up bright and early to make sure I get on track and kick butt!!! Ready to wake up and get going!!

14 WEEKS - There's NO stopping me now!!! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hey everyone! Today has been a great day so far! The day started off with two teleseminars from Cathy Savage! The first one was for new girls on the SOS program, I'm on the SOS Show Prep program since I'm competing in November and I can't wait. There was a lot of great information and it was nice hearing everyone ask questions and know that I'm not alone! The second teleseminar was for Perfect Body Online which is a supplemental program to my show prep. This seminar was with Cathy and Lindsay Messina, I couldn't ask for better coaches! They are great and are there to help with anything! I realized that I have a lot to do but it should be fun! Within the next month or so I'm hoping to have a photoshoot to get some photos and maybe cards before Fitness America. I learned that there's no tiptoeing around when it comes to modeling in the fitness industry, you gotta go head on!!! After the teleseminars I hit up the gym in my hotel (still in Boston) and had a great workout; it definitely kicked my butt, but I loved it!!! I have a feeling that I'm going to wake up wayyyy sore tomorrow, but no pain, no gain, right??
Camp Savage Chicago is coming up August 22-23 and I'm really excited! I can't wait to meet my Savage Sisters!!!!!!! I know that this is going to be a great motivator and really put everything into perspective. I just have to practice in my shoes beforehand!!!! haha Once I get home from Boston I'm going to kick everything into high speed!! I'm gonna get that diet going 100%, workouts, and posing practice! I've never competed before so I know I'm really going to need to practice this!!!
On a sad note.... School starts up again September 2nd, but I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. I need something to keep me busy and I think once I'm busy, the diet should be easier, because well I'll only be able to eat what I pack and won't have time to dwell on what I can't eat!!!!!
Well that's all!!! I'm off!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


So I'm on vacation in Boston until Monday and it's a nice city out here!!! One thing I don't like however is the subway! Definitely not used to it!!! I've been trying to stick to my training and dieting while I'm out here but the diet hasn't been that great!! Gotta get back on track! Once I get home I'm gonna be 100% on the diet because my first show is in 15 weeks and I'm determined to look my best! Dieting isn't impossible while on vacation but it is definitely hard when you're not used to eating that way and then leave home; kind of throws you for a loop! Well I just finished my workout and well it kicked my butt!! I definitely can't wait until I'm in show shape!!! All that's on my mind is Vegas, I'm sooo excited!!! No matter what anyone says, which a lot of people around me are very negative when it comes to my goals, I'm going to stick with it this time and blow everyone away!!! Well that's all for today, I gotta get in the shower and go to bed to start a new day tomorrow!!!! ♥

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Post!!!

My first post, WOOHOO!!!!! So here's the deal... I'm planning on competing in November at Fitness America in Vegas!!! I will be entering in the bikini and model competition and hopefully next spring I will also do fitness. I have a dance background so that will help with fitness. My biggest challenge is going to be the food as I think it is for everyone!! I am a VERY picky eater and I like junk!!! I just need to stay focused and know that I'm on my way to attaining my goals and dreams!!! I can't wait to be up on stage showing off all my hard work!!! I'll keep you all updated!!!!